Rogue for Roku

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Rogue is the classic computer game from the early 1980s that spawned a whole genre of "rogue-like" dungeon exploring games. Now play Rogue on your Roku, with the original ASCII terminal graphics.

The goal of Rogue is to find the Amulet of Yendor and bring it out of the Dungeons of Doom. To find the Amulet, you will explore the Dungeons, accumulating gold and experience, while trying to avoid being killed by the numerous monsters which lurk in the Dungeons.

The dungeon layout, monsters and all other items in the game are chosen randomly at the start of the each game. Every game is different, so you can play over and over again and have a different experience each time.


If you've played Rogue before, you can now relive those happy hours spent in your cubicle, furtively gathering gold and fighting monsters when you were supposed to be working.

And if you haven't played Rogue before, check out the granddaddy of dungeon crawler games. See how an entertaining game could be created with nothing but ASCII characters for graphics.

More Information

There is plenty of information on the Web about Rogue. Here are a few interesting sites:

Rogue was ported to the Roku platform by Mark Nudelman.